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Hello, One and All

     I am Jaymes Kirk, I am a student at Ranken Technical Collage and I am going for a dual degree in Electrical Automation Technology and Control System Technology.  I have been working at Vector, selling CUTCO® witch is kitchen cutlery to help pay for collage.  I still mow lawns to make some side money to pay for gas though. I am doing electrical work like wiring and installing and computer work like operating system upgrades and computer related problems.  I thank the people who helped me sharpen my presentation skills and get better at public speaking.  I have worked with motors, computer, electronics, sales, building things, programing and mowing.  My slogan stays the same, "YOU NAME IT!  I DO IT!".

      Stay happy because good things come to those who wait and stay happy.  I am more than happy to help others out; for instance, with my lawn service I lowered my prices to help people out and those in need.  I would mow their front yards free and sometimes the back yards too.  If you have the time to help, then do so I say.

Thank you and have a nice day.